ur challenging program offers an educational experience for people of all levels who want to prepare for anything from weekenders to long-term cruising and ocean passagemaking. We’ve got an exciting 2020 season planned and we’ll be sailing over 2,500nm. We’re heading back to our favorite cruising grounds and making a number of offshore passages. We’ll be starting off in Annapolis and sailing Rocinante north along some classic east coast routes. Then, we’ll spend the summer in Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. The instructors of Morse Alpha Expeditions have sailed to many parts of the world, and we still agree that setting a course for the northeast provides some of the most robust educational experiences and beautiful cruising grounds.

Passage Making
Offshore passage making combined with coastal hopping… the bread and butter of cruising! You’ll get the best of both worlds; overnight sail, standing watch, intense coastal piloting, and skill-building drills. These multi-day passage expeditions will transit challenging waters. Staying focused while on watch is imperative. We’ll be route planning and sharing weather reports with you even before the expedition begins, so you can learn the process in detail. You’ll experience commercial traffic, ocean waves, big tides and currents, variable bathymetry, rapidly shifting weather, and of course, “Land-Ho!”

Rugged Maine Coast
The coast is where all the action and challenge is: commercial traffic, rocks, tides and currents. Maine is one of the most difficult areas to sail in the US, notorious for huge tides and thick fog—but the beauty is unbeatable! Our Rugged Maine Coast expeditions are based out of Rockland, ME. Even before the expedition begins, we’ll be sharing weather forecasts with you to help you understand the forecast and planning process. These expeditions feature long days of lessons, planning, navigation, drills, scenarios and fun. We’ll sail among the islands, ledges, and schooners of Maine’s bold coast, probably encountering fog and other challenges along the way. You’ll also have the opportunity to complete a night travel.

Morse Alpha Expedition schedule map 2020

Private Expeditions:

We are offering 4, 5, or 6 day Rugged Maine Coast Expeditions and a 6-day Rugged Maine Coast with passage making (see descriptions above) You’ll have the whole boat to yourself (minimum 2 people) and be able to choose your dates. As usual, there is no set itinerary. Our #1 goal is to create educational opportunities, practice skills and run drills.
All private expeditions start and end in Rockland, ME

MoA PC4 • Dates TBD  • 4 Days: Private Rugged Maine Coast inquire for price
MoA PC5 • Dates TBD  • 5 Days: Private Rugged Maine Coast inquire for price
MoA PC6 • Dates TBD  • 6 Days: Private Rugged Maine Coast & Passage Making inquire for price

Expedition Schedule (as of 7/15):

MoA PC6 • Private Charter • Cape Cod Loop •  June 30–July 5
MoA PC4 • Private Charter • Coastal Maine • Aug 9–12  
MoA 207 • Aug 16–21 • 6 Days: Coastal Maine, Rockland  $2485 waitlist
MoA 208 • Aug 30–Sept 5  • 7 Days: Western Nova Scotia & Bay of Fundy $2985

If these dates don’t work with your schedule, please get in touch with us. With COVID-19, we definitely have flexibility!


(1) Fill out the Application Form
(2) Make a $300/person deposit via PayPal

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Thinking about signing up for an expedition, but want to know more first? Talk face-to-face with one or more of your instructors at our virtual Hangouts and live Meet-ups. We host regular Get To Know the Program Hangouts and Events. Please contact us for info.

We also offer customized charters, private instruction on your boat, and do yacht deliveries. Contact us to find out more.