Learn to sail and cruise
aboard our nimble Norseman 447, Rocinante.

Coastal and Offshore Sail Training

For each expedition, we take four to five motivated and adventurous crew members aboard for a rigorous liveaboard sailing course. Our expeditions are designed for sailors at any level, and offer real-world experience and personalized education. Our goal is to share the skills and techniques we’ve employed during our 20+ year sailing careers that will help you sail farther, safer, and with more confidence.

Learn to Sail with Our Unique Approach

What’s unique about the Morse Alpha sailing school is that not only will you learn the technical skills required to cruise safely and efficiently, but you’ll also be trained in communication, leadership, the role of the captain, and creating a shipboard culture of positive camaraderie. Our goal is that every crew member walks away with hardcore sailing and navigation skills, real life leadership skills, and a feeling that they all got there together.  It’s hands-on training 24/7, and you will learn to run all aspects of the boat. Because we want to keep the training effective and highly personal, we only take 4-5 (sometimes 6) motivated students (+ 2 instructors).  You can be assured of a customized, personalized program, not a cookie cutter curriculum we have to rush through that focuses on passing standardized tests. This is real world, hands-on, coastal and offshore sailing experience and education that will help you become more confident and competent.

Video of a Mo(A) Expedition

Here’s a video we put together of a recent training expedition. We officially made this video as a keepsake for our students, but thought we could share it with others as well. It’s candid and it’s silly sometimes, but we had a good time and we learned alot.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for other expedition videos, and How-To’s.

Private Daysails

Come aboard Rocinante, our Norseman 447 (she’s 44′ 7″ long) for a lovely private day sail around Penobscot Bay. 
Call or text Teresa if you want to plan the details of your amazing Maine sailing adventure. You can reach Teresa at 734-945-8441.