• Both intructors were amazingly patient. When things got a little hairy, if it was me, I would have jumped in. They didn’t, which was awesome. Being able to make mistakes and then talk through them was infinitely more educational than just being taught the material.

    Randal, NY – Annapolis 2018
  • At all times I felt that a safe, congenial, and an instructive environment were the top goals. It was a most dense, thrilling, yet calming and instructive class experience. I will be recommending to my friends with the caveat… this is a serious commitment and they may come back a changed person!

    Mike, NY – Annapolis 2018
  • I loved the lessons. I was impressed with Teresa’s ability to explain tough concepts in layman’s terms. Ben’s patience and clarity were equally impressive. He demystified several ideas and helped me get past a few major blocks! The curriculum is well structured, the food is great, and the laughs are HUGE!

    Mary, Maine 2018
  • Fantastic trip! So much better than ASA and I feel alot more confident in my future sailing.

    Jeremy, Maine – NY 2018
  • I am very pleased with my experience. I highly recommend Morse Alpha. This has been an experience I will treasure. You both provide much information outside the scope of the course that will continue to be helpful for me.

    Ken, Offshore 2016
  • We came to learn and gain experience and that is exactly how you both [Ben and Teresa] filled every moment for us. I’m thankful for it. Just as I’d hoped, it woke my senses…and made me feel alive and courageous! Your personalities, teaching styles, communication skills all complement each other well.

    Sharon, Offshore 2016
  • The instruction was excellent. I like the flexibility – it was appropriate for each situation. Overall experience was awesome!

    Tim, Offshore 2016
  • th-Marie

    I gained comfort with sailing and new confidence.  We went sailing Sunday after I got home for four hours or more.  It suddenly all came together for me and I did all the sailing on my own including all decisions. It felt so good and was so much fun. My husband couldn’t believe the change.  I never panicked and handled it all calmly.

    Marie, Women’s 2014
  • th-johnjr

    Very highly recommended. A great way to learn and put the skills into practice immediately. I left wishing for a longer course.

    John, Maine 2014
  • th-reesh

    I recognize Ben & Teresa’s excellence in instruction—allowing their students to try ideas and make mistakes in a supportive, safe environment.  Aspects of sailing I couldn’t previously wrap my head around now make sense. I feel the wind better and make decisions by intuition. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know sailing more intimately!

    Larissa, Women’s 2014
  • th-johnsr

    My time aboard Rocinante with Ben and Teresa and Dory exceeded my expectations. Solid practical sailing experiences helped me to develop my skills and learn from their sailing knowledge and experience. Their friendly and warm personalities made it a fun time such that I didn’t want it to end.

    John, Maine 2014
  • th-Sharron

    For someone who is new to sailing or has skills and wants to be more advanced and confident, this is the ideal trip. Teresa and Ben make you feel at home. Nothing feels better than being Captain of the Day! Thank you.

    Sharron, Maine 2014
  • testimonails-MaryLynn

    I would absolutely recommend to a friend. I could have gotten fully ASA certified in the Caribbean for free. I chose this instead and am so glad. Instead of a textbook curriculum, we learned more holistically. Teresa gave me confidence while still letting me figure out problems on my own. Areas of improvement – I can’t think of a thing.

    Mary Lynn, Women’s 2015
  • testimonails-Sally

    I feel like there were times I needed someone to challenge me to act more, communicate more directly, and you did.

    Sally, Women’s 2015
    & Offshore 2016
  • testimonial-Laura

    I would definitely recommend the program to others. I loved the experience. Being on the boat for the week was great. I really enjoyed anchoring and the sailing experience. When we first left the harbor, I was very elated, but I would have liked more time as Captain of the Day.

    Laura, Women’s 2015
  • testimonials-Kate

    I loved sailing the boat! It was magic. I finally understand navigation, but I know that I must continue to work on it. THis was the best navigation class that I have encountered. I also appreciated the teaching style and letting the group/team problem solve before stepping in.

    Kate, Women’s 2015