Ep 29: World Schooling Around The World

World schooling is the educational approach where learning takes place primarily through travel and experiencing different cultures and environments around the world.  Sometimes, World Schooling can involve short-term trips, like the 3-months Teresa and I are currently spending in Italy while our son, Haven, attends a school here. We’re doing this with a program called Boundless Life. Sometimes, world schooling … Read More

Ep 28: Sailing to, and Cruising The Bahamas

Today we’ll eavesdrop on a conversation Ben had with two sailors who are cruising in the #Bahamas. Our guests are @nicawaters who you may know from the @theboatgalley or her blog Fit2Sail, and Dave Martin, @sailingwithcupcake, a former MoA Student and marine industry professional turned (mostly) full-time cruiser. Ben talked with them about their recent crossings to the Bahamas, which they did earlier this season. So, … Read More

Ep 27: Lessons Learned From A Yacht Delivery

In this episode, we’re talking about delivering boats with two sailors who recently completed their first yacht delivery and learned a lot. Teresa sat down with Nicki Ripple, a professional captain who’s worked for Morse Alpha, Outward Bound, and a number of tall ships. We’re also talking with Mischa Kapijimpanga who was a Morse Alpha student last summer (2023) and recently bought his … Read More

Ep 26: Cruising and Creating: Balancing Content and Adventure

Marissa Neely of SV Avocet

In this episode, we delve into the lives of cruisers who effortlessly balance content creation—blogs, podcasts, videos—with the pleasures of sailing. Discover how these adventurous souls manage to capture their sailing experiences while still relishing the joys of life at sea. Brina Litzenberger, sailor, host of Litzenbergers Saiing Podcast.  Started sailing back in 2010 with her husband and they cruised … Read More

Ep 25: Weather, Forecasts & Routing

Ben sat down with Jon Bilger, the founding director of PredictWind, a weather app – well, more than a weather app. It helps sailors plan voyages and find weather windows. Ben also talked with Behan Gifford, Circumnavigator and cruising consultant. The three of them talked about Weather forecasting tools and the professional-level data that is available to all of us … Read More

Ep 24: Getting A Grip On Lines And Rigging

We invited Amanda Swan on the show today because not only does she have hundreds of thousands of sea miles under her belt, but she is also educator (and we like educators). She is also a sailmaker, and rigger. And today we’ll be talking about rigging. Yes – the ropes and wires we rely on but rarely make our matintanance checklists. Let’s … Read More

Ep 23: Sailing At Night & Standing Watch

We chat with Behan Gifford and John Worth about sailing at night, standing watch, working on commercial vessels, making passages, ship traffic, AIS, radar, and more. Listen to this weeks Morning Muster for the best in sailing education podcasts. Behan Gifford has made her home aboard a Stevens 47 for the last fifteen years, circumnavigating with her husband and three … Read More

Ep 22: Managing Boat Projects

Let’s talk about boat projects! We love them and hate them, or do we? They require alot of planning and thought, in addition to the actual labor. We chat with two sailors — Steve Swartz and Daphne Douglas, who are both knee-deep in large refits of their boats to discuss the ins and outs of the process. They offer some … Read More

Ep 21: Universal Lessons Learned Racing Coastal & Offshore

A dGreat discussion with Murray Beach and Marie Rogers about keeping safety procedures simple, smart racing, prepping for offshore races, fatigue and watch schedules. Stories of racing accidents and strategies, strength, endurance and struggles. Murray Beach, has sailed extensively for the past 18 years, but learned to sail on his dinghy as a young teen.  He love offshore sailing, especially … Read More

Ep 20: GPS The Promises And Pitfalls

A discussion about GPS! We all use it everyday, more than we probably even realize. But is it all it’s cracked up to be and will it last? We chat with Pauline Cook, formerly a Coast Guard captain who’s involved with the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation and Scott Logan, a GPS consultant and expert. This episode of The Morning … Read More