Rules of the Road Webinar • $10

 April 12, 2023 • 3-4:30 ET

We are all legally bound to the COLREGS, but very few recreational boaters have actually looked at the rules or even carry a copy aboard. The Navigation Rules are confusing, long, and cumbersome. In this webinar, we will simplify some of the most important and common rules by drawing upon real-world experience to help you understand and remember these complex regulations. We’ll look at meeting, crossing, and overtaking situations, vessel responsibilities (aka, who’s got the right-of-way), navigation lights, sound signals, and discuss in-depth some techniques to help you make informed and safe decisions to avoid collisions in a variety of situations.

COMING SOON: Traditional Paper Chart Navigation Training Course & Practical


In an age where GPS technology is becoming increasingly reliable and affordable, the art and appreciation for traditional navigation are waning. Yet, traditional navigation, with honed skills, can be equally reliable, and in fact, it can build seamanship skills beyond a sharp sense of navigation. This seminar is an introduction to traditional navigation and designed to spark a love and interest in its practice and a strategy for reaping the multitude of benefits. We don’t see traditional navigation skills as a backup to electronics, but as a means to become a skilled mariner. We’ll also take a look at GPS and chart plotters to learn how to maximize their use in partnership with your new navigation skills. Topics Could Include Nautical charts colors and symbols, dead reckoning, triangulation, calculating and accounting for set and drift, danger bearings, calculating speed, rule of 12th, using a range to estimate drift, CPA, and LOP, ferry angles.