Previous Events

In January 2020 we are presenting 10 seminars at two boat shows: Seattle and Toronto. Let us know if you are going to either boat show. We hope to see you there! We’d love to meet up for coffee, dinner, or a drink if you are in town!

Toronto Boat Show

We’ll be in Toronto for the first weekend of the Toronto Boat Show presenting a slew of seminars. Teresa will also be joining the women’s panel!

January 18 (Salon 107)
1:30 Understanding Sail Theory & Points of Sail
4:30 Rules of the Road (2 hrs)
January 19 (Presentation Theatre)
8:45 Women’s Panel
1:00 Solo Sailing
4:00 Docking Made Easier (2 hrs)
January 20 (Salon 107)
2:30 Line Handling
4:30 Intro to Traditional Navigation (2hrs)

Visit the Toronto Boat Show website for tickets and details.

Seattle Boat Show

We’re exited to be attending yet another new show this year. We’ll be there the first weekend and presenting our seminars on Stage #6 at the Club Level.

January 24
2:00 Line Handling
January 25
12:00 Rules of the Road
2:00 VHF Communications
January 26
1:00 Traditional Navigation Techniques  

Visit the Seattle Boat Show website for tickets and details.

Cruisers University – Spring 2020

In April, we’ll be back at Cruiser University doing what we love – teaching and inspiring! The Spring is a lovely in Annapolis. For more info and tickets visit the Cruisers University website.

April 24
8:15 Line Handling
10:00 Cruising Couples
12:30 Rules of the Road

April 25
8:15 Knot Tying