Ep 29: World Schooling Around The World

World schooling is the educational approach where learning takes place primarily through travel and experiencing different cultures and environments around the world. 

Sometimes, World Schooling can involve short-term trips, like the 3-months Teresa and I are currently spending in Italy while our son, Haven, attends a school here. We’re doing this with a program called Boundless Life. Sometimes, world schooling involves long-term travel or even a full-time nomadic lifestyle, like the many sailing families we’ve had on this show in the past.

So, while we’re here in Italy, Teresa sat down with two world schooling parents. Her first guest is Steve Crider, a self-employed consultant with a lot of work flexibility. He and his family just started some extended travel across the US and Europe. We met them here in Italy through the Boundless Life program, and their children attend school with our son.

Our other guest is Maggie Hirt, an author and mother who “boatschooled” her four children on a global voyage with her family. The trip lasted several years and she is planning to get back to it. 

Steve, Maggie, and Teresa talked about worldschooling – and what works best for their families. 

Music: Stands For Nothing, Ben’s band with his brother Tim Eriksen