Ep 6: Offshore Weather & Routing Fundamentals

Weather knowledge and understanding is a fundamental part of any sailing expedition. While there are many great resources for weather data and forecasts, knowing how to interpret the data to help you make informed decisions is what routing is all about.

Rick Miller is a lifelong professional mariner who currently teaches at Maine Maritime Academy, and sails as Master for Sea Education Association. Rick’s LinkedIn Profile.

Chelsea Carson is a degreed meteorologist and lifelong sailor who has ‘tied the knot’ between the science of weather and the strategy of sailboat racing. She’s the meteorologist for the US Sailing Team, and has a variety of racing experience from one design dinghies to navigating keelboats offshore. Chelsea is the founder of SeaTactics, delivering expert weather knowledge to racers who want to elevate their sailing strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Links mentioned in this episode:

NWS RTOFS Gulf Stream Location
NCOM High Resolution Oceanic Model
Rutgers Satellite Imagery
Atlantic Analysis Ocean Prediction Center
FTPMail: Products via E-Mail

Surface Analysis
500 mb Chart

You can download Chelsea’s Free Weather Resource Guide at www.sea-tactics.com where she also has online weather courses available and currently happening. You can also find her on Instagram @Sea_Tactics or Facebook @SeaTactics

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Music by Tim Eriksen: timerksenmusic.com