Ep 28: Sailing to, and Cruising The Bahamas

Today we’ll eavesdrop on a conversation Ben had with two sailors who are cruising in the #Bahamas. Our guests are @nicawaters who you may know from the @theboatgalley or her blog Fit2Sail, and Dave Martin, @sailingwithcupcake, a former MoA Student and marine industry professional turned (mostly) full-time cruiser.

Ben talked with them about their recent crossings to the Bahamas, which they did earlier this season. So, if you’re looking to spend the winter in the Bahamas but nervous about the crossing, which, for a lot of people crossing to the Bahamas is often their first overnight passage, so, if that’s you, then you’ll love this episode because they compared notes, they talk about weather windows, destinations, and anchorages and discussed the ins and outs of getting your boat to the Bahamas for a relaxing and exciting winter.

Ben Carey, podcast host, Morse Alpha Expeditions

Music: Stands For Nothing, Ben’s band with his brother Tim Eriksen