Ep 3: Nighttime & Limited Visibility (Fog) Sailing

Join is for a new episode of our sailing podcast, The Morning Muster. Today we take a look at operating in limited visibility with Captains Dan Pease and Julia Carleton. Teresa talks with them about what’s on their mind when the fog rolls in, and rules they follow to stay safe.

Captain Dan ran a windjammer in Maine for many years, and then worked on tugboats in Maine and New England. Captain Julia Carleton has worked for Hurricane Island Outward Bound and aboard educational schooners from Maine to the Caribbean. They both have extensive fog and night travel experience, and share with us some insight into staying safe and the seamanship protocols they follow.

The Morning Muster is produced by Morse Alpha LLC. We offer rigorous coastal and offshore sailing expeditions for beginners and experienced sailors. Our expeditions are the perfect training for people who want to cruise offshore, or sail the world. Find out more at morsealpha.com. This episode sponsored by Fiorentino. Fiorentino makes smart products that slow or stop your boat’s drift during a storm or mechanical failure at sea. Find them at paraanchor.com