Ep 27: Lessons Learned From A Yacht Delivery

In this episode, we’re talking about delivering boats with two sailors who recently completed their first yacht delivery and learned a lot.

Teresa sat down with Nicki Ripple, a professional captain who’s worked for Morse Alpha, Outward Bound, and a number of tall ships. We’re also talking with Mischa Kapijimpanga who was a Morse Alpha student last summer (2023) and recently bought his own Freya 39 to cruise aboard with his family of five!

Teresa talked with them about their recent yacht deliveries, which Nicki and Mischa did at nearly the same time from Maine to the Chesapeake. So, if you’re curious about boat deliveries, passage making, and voyage planning in general, this episode is for you. They compared notes and discussed the ins and outs of moving a boat from one place to another on a schedule.

Teresa Carey, podcast host, Morse Alpha Expeditions

Music: Stands For Nothing, Ben’s band with his brother Tim Eriksen