Ep 8: Food Philosophies And Musings! Eating Your Best Aboard Boats

With John Kretschmer and Emily Whebbe we’re tackling the all important topic of food aboard the boat. We’re talking cooking, provisioning, food philosophies, desserts, finding good produce, planning, seasickness, alcohol, and the importance of a good meal on passage. Cooking in the galley is a nice time to just chill and putter around in a little galley-oasis! We love food rituals! One day we decide to eat everything on the boat before we went shopping again. How do you stay hydrated? Water gets so boring after a while. What’s your bottom of the Bilge Meal? You should put alot of thought into meals out at sea, because they become the highlight of the day. It can really turn a grouchy moment around!

Fiorentino Para-Anchor
Fiorentino makes smart products that slow or stop your boat’s drift during a storm or mechanical failure at sea. They have an improved parachute anchor and a Shark Drogue which can be used as either a speed limiting drogue or for emergency steering. We’ve tested both aboard Rocinante,when we were doing emergency preparedness drills. They were easy to store and deploy, and super stout. And, fiorentino is offering discount if you mention the Morning Muster Podcast.

Tim Eriksen, Ben’s Brother