Ep 19: Emergency and Medical Preparedness and Response at Sea

A vibrant and informative discussion with two professionals in the medical and marine emergency response world: Brian Notheis, a USCG helicopter rescue swimmer and Deborah Hayes, a professional mariner, wilderness medical instructor and EMT. You don’t want to miss this one.

What a cool episode this is. We cover a lot of topics and get into some real life saving details that you can take to your own boat and utilize.
Deb’s goal is to prevent problems at sea. Brian’s job is to bail you out when there are no other options. Each guest brings a different perspective on emergencies, how to prevent them, and how to respond.

Some of what we talk about:
Station Bills
Effective Drills
Dehydration & Seasickness
Helicoptor Rescue in the Skiing Mountains
Rescuing Diabetic Fisherman
Assessing Patients
Personal Locator Beacons AIS vs GPS
What to put in the Ditch Bag
Tall Ship Concordia
Life Raft Life Failures
Tall ship Bounty and Yacht Rebel Heart
Wearing PFD’s
Reading USCG & NTSB Reports
Pan Pan VHF Calls
Rescuing a Fishing Vessel and Dewatering Pumps
Medical Mysteries
Cold Water Acclimation
Rescuing a Sailor in the Bahamas
Paradoxical Undressing

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