Ep 11: Offshore Sailing Lessons & Debriefs

A discussion with two former Morse Alpha students who recently completed offshore passages. One Pacific crossing aboard an Oyster 43, and one spicy trip North from the Caribbean aboard a Vancouver 36. A candid discussion about weather, gear, boats, staying mentally strong, storms, communication, scrums/musters, and the zen of ocean sailing.

The Morning Muster is produced by Morse Alpha LLC. We offer rigorous coastal and offshore sailing expeditions for beginners and experienced sailors. Our expeditions are the perfect training for people who want to cruise offshore, or sail the world. Find out more at morsealpha.com.

Rob Parker • Vancouver 36
Dorothy Mammen • Oyster 43 & Beneteau 423

Fiorentino Para-Anchor
Fiorentino makes smart products that slow or stop your boat’s drift during a storm or mechanical failure at sea. They have an improved parachute anchor and a Shark Drogue which can be used as either a speed limiting drogue or for emergency steering. We’ve tested both aboard Rocinante,when we were doing emergency preparedness drills. They were easy to store and deploy, and super stout. And, fiorentino is offering discount if you mention the Morning Muster Podcast.

Tim Eriksen, Ben’s Brother.