Ep 12: Choosing The Right Boat


Choosing the right boat isn’t just about the design and features. It’s about finding the right balance between the owner, the boat and the goals.


We dive deep into the boat selection process with Pippa Turton and Mike Firestone. We consider and discuss: what makes a good first boat, what size makes sense, considering cruising plans and goals, assessing your own skills, budget considerations, sailing before refit,  priority features, and more.

Pippa Turton is a long time RYA sailing instructor, who’s sailed thousands of miles on a variety of boats in Europe and Caribbean. She currently runs Girls Go Sailing aims, which aims to build confidence in female sailors through good training, and experience.

Mike Firestone is a marine surveyor, who’s been in the business for decades. He’s sailed many boats and surveyed thousands more!

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Music by Tim Eriksen