What Makes Our Sail-Training Unique:

Morse Alpha Expeditions was born out of a need for quality leadership training in the recreational yachting world. Most sail-training programs focus to the essential hard skills. After years of experience in the professional maritime industry, we decided to not only cover the essentials in a Morse Alpha Expedition but also emphasize crisis management, leadership, and professionalism. These are the skills that will keep you and your crew safely working together even in a crisis situation. 

Our programs can cover a broad curriculum of hard skills such as sail theory, weather, technology, voyage planning, first aid at sea, engine, traditional navigation, emergency drills (MOB, drogue, fire, etc), VHF protocol, RADAR, anchoring, and more. But it doesn’t stop there. We also emphasize communication and leadership, bridge resource management (BRM), maritime law and conduct, etc. 

Our philosophy is that even when you aren’t sailing a commercial vessel, you are still bound by the same laws, weather challenges, crew dynamics, and physical forces. Therefore, recreational sailing shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

But there is another side – we love to laugh, bake cookies on cold days, dip in the ocean, and have fun. On a Morse Alpha Expedition you might be woken in the middle of the night to stand anchor watch on deck, or you might be laughing over a bowl of popcorn after a hard days work. Morse Alpha Expeditions are the perfect balance of serious training and light-hearted fun.     


About Your Instructors:

Unlike most sail-training programs, we are not cruisers who became sailing instructors. Instead, we started our journey as sail-training professionals. We have a combined three decades of sail-training experience with advanced and novice crew, and several additional years of professional sailing aboard more than 50 vessels. Both of us are licensed US Coast Guard captains, have worked aboard commercial passenger, educational, and workboats ranging from 16ft to 180ft, both power and sail. We’ve delivered boats to and from the Caribbean, been across the Atlantic, circumnavigated Newfoundland and lived aboard during chilly New England winters! We both have worked on many sail training vessels in positions from dishwasher or deckhand to third mate,  engineer, chief medical officer, or captain and we are committed to delivering a safe, fun, and educational passage. We’re not just sailors trying to make a living doing what we love — we are educators and professional mariners who love to sail. 

We are regular contributors to SAIL and Cruising World Magazines, and Teresa is a sought after speaker — watch Teresa’s TEDx talk here.  You can read more about us at our blog sailingsimplicity.com and watch the trailer for our film One Simple Question about a sailing adventure in search of an iceberg.  


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