Ep 26: Cruising and Creating: Balancing Content and Adventure

Marissa Neely of SV Avocet

In this episode, we delve into the lives of cruisers who effortlessly balance content creation—blogs, podcasts, videos—with the pleasures of sailing. Discover how these adventurous souls manage to capture their sailing experiences while still relishing the joys of life at sea.

Brina Litzenberger, sailor, host of Litzenbergers Saiing Podcast. 

Started sailing back in 2010 with her husband and they cruised for 10 years. The last 2 years she became a content creator with YouTube videos and a podcast. When COVID hit, everything changed, and she designed a web tool for content creators called Creators Wheelhouse.

Litzenberger’s Sailing Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Marissa Neely, sailor,  creator of the YouTube channel Sailing Avocet

Sails aboard SV Avocet; a 1979 Cheoy Lee 41′ that she and her husband spent 5 years refitting before casting off to cruise. She’s been up and down the California coast, cut her teeth on the Channel Islands, and finally sailed south of the border to mainland Mexico and into the Sea of Cortez, where she currently resides. 


Teresa Carey, podcast host, Morse Alpha Expeditions

Music, Stands For Nothing, Ben’s band with his brother Tim Eriksen