Ep 22: Managing Boat Projects

Let’s talk about boat projects! We love them and hate them, or do we? They require alot of planning and thought, in addition to the actual labor. We chat with two sailors — Steve Swartz and Daphne Douglas, who are both knee-deep in large refits of their boats to discuss the ins and outs of the process. They offer some tips on planning and execution, as well as finding the right balance between money, time, and sailing.

Daphne Douglas is a field geoscientist and anthropologist turned sailor. She began refitting her “antique” 1979 Fast Passage 39, Izadora, during the summer of our pandemic year. The engine died on her way down the Chesapeake, landing her in Deltaville where she now spends the better part of the year. Having sat out the bulk of 2021 to attend to other things, she returned to the boat a year ago to discover that water had found its way in from the topsides and turned the interior into a moldy swamp that has sent her on a refitting and refinishing journey. Daphne has fallen in love with the journey and the process. You will never know your boat better than when you have to tear it all apart and rebuild it with your own hands.

Find her Instagram:
@svizadora (the boat journey)
@daphnephilia (personal, travel, artistic)

Steve Swartz likes to tinker! He has worked on and around various vessels for the past 16 years.  He has made his living exclusively through boat work for 11 of them, and the past 8 as Captain. The vessels have ranged from commercial fishing and dredging, to traditional Schooners and high end yachts. All of them were broken at some point! Steve is a firm believer in “Boat Karma” — do good things for your boat often, ideally when it’s somewhat convenient, and that will pay dividends down the road, hopefully when it wouldn’t have been convenient.

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Music by Tim Eriksen: timerksenmusic.com