Head Up: A Webinar Series for Women and NB • 6 sessions • $200

February 8 – 25

Tuesdays & Fridays
All webinars are from 3:00 – 4:15pm ET

Head Up with Captain Teresa Carey is an interactive webinar series designed especially for people who want to boost their confidence in the fundamental aspects of sailing and cruising. It is led by Teresa Carey with guest appearances by other strong female and NB sailors and captains. You’ll get personalized attention, great conversation, and a sense of shared camaraderie with your coursemates. We want to see you and talk face to face! The five-part series will explore fundamental cruising topics that will give you a head-start before the sailing season begins. At the end of the course, join a happy hour to “talk sailing” with other inspiring sailors. There are bonus features and videos, so you can continue your education after the program ends.

Women Only • Small Class Size • Bonus Features • Personal Interaction • Happy Hour

VHF Comms & Ops

Sail Theory & Practice

Docking & Anchoring

Navigation, Currents, Tides


Happy Hour!

Bonus Features

• Video tutorials for continued education
• Invitation to the Morse Alpha sailing community
• Virtual happy hour to chat with other strong female sailors
• Guest instruction from other captains and educators
• Downloads including checklists, log book, resource list, etc.

Rules of the Road Webinar • $10

 April 12 • 3-4:30 ET

We are all legally bound to the COLREGS, but very few recreational boaters have actually looked at the rules or even carry a copy aboard. The Navigation Rules are confusing, long, and cumbersome. In this webinar, we will simplify some of the most important and common rules by drawing upon real-world experience to help you understand and remember these complex regulations. We’ll look at meeting, crossing, and overtaking situations, vessel responsibilities (aka, who’s got the right-of-way), navigation lights, sound signals, and discuss in-depth some techniques to help you make informed and safe decisions to avoid collisions in a variety of situations.

COMING SOON: Who’s The Captain? A Couples Teamwork & Leadership Workshop


Take it from two USCG licensed captains with many years as professional mariners, and solo sailors who joined forces on one boat – it can be hard to be egalitarian! It’s especially difficult in the maritime world where the term “blue and pink jobs” still has meaning. But, dividing the work along gender lines doesn’t always bring out the greatest potential in an individual, or the best synergy in a partnership. This seminar discusses blending the masculine and feminine roles on a boat so that both partners feel empowered to take the helm, manage the vessel, and find fulfillment in ways they never thought about. Topics include; confidence – too much, and too little, choosing a captain and the captain’s role, increasing trust in your partner, supporting your partner’s growth, and how to pass control to your partner. 

COMING SOON: Traditional Paper Chart Navigation Training Course & Practical


In an age where GPS technology is becoming increasingly reliable and affordable, the art and appreciation for traditional navigation are waning. Yet, traditional navigation, with honed skills, can be equally reliable, and in fact, it can build seamanship skills beyond a sharp sense of navigation. This seminar is an introduction to traditional navigation and designed to spark a love and interest in its practice and a strategy for reaping the multitude of benefits. We don’t see traditional navigation skills as a backup to electronics, but as a means to become a skilled mariner. We’ll also take a look at GPS and chart plotters to learn how to maximize their use in partnership with your new navigation skills. Topics Could Include Nautical charts colors and symbols, dead reckoning, triangulation, calculating and accounting for set and drift, danger bearings, calculating speed, rule of 12th, using a range to estimate drift, CPA, and LOP, ferry angles.