Trivia Night with Morse Alpha Expeditions— Not Just Trivia, Not Exactly a Webinar, So Much More! (and prizes!)

April 15, 2021 8:30-9:30 pm Eastern • $15

Do you know what a red sector is, how the winds tend before a hurricane, or what red over white over red means? Join us for a fun and educational game of trivia that will test your knowledge in a lively discussion environment. There are questions for sailors of all levels, and we will explain the answers so everyone is guaranteed to learn something. There will be prizes for “The Rookie Award,” and “Overall Winner.” It’s a lot of fun! All levels welcome. $15/team. Teams must reside in the same household.

Beware, this is an educational event, disguised as fun!

Head Up: A Webinar Series for Women 2

March 22 – April 8 • 6 sessions • $200

Head Up with Captain Teresa Carey is an interactive webinar series designed especially for women who want to boost their confidence in the fundamental aspects of sailing and cruising. It is led by Teresa Carey with guest appearances by other strong female sailors and captains. Unlike large and impersonal webinars, this course is only open to twelve participants, so you can be assured to get personalized attention, great conversation, and a sense of shared camaraderie with your coursemates. We want to see you and talk face to face! The five-part series will explore fundamental cruising topics that will give you a head-start before the sailing season begins. At the end of the course, join a happy hour to “talk sailing” with other amazing female sailors. There are bonus features and videos, so you can continue your education after the program ends.

Sold out!