September 6–12: Down East & Bay of Fundy

Rocinante2020 Schedule

Join us for this 7 day near coastal sail along the remote Down East Coast of Maine and Canada. The goal is to sail as far down east as we can. East of Bar Harbor, the coast really changes and the population thin out significantly. It’s truly rugged. Hopefully we’ll make it to Grand Manan Island or Campobello Island. The tides and currents will get more severe the further east we go and in the Bay of Fundy they are some of the largest on the planet. You can count on some fog, and plenty of commercial fishing boats. This is an ambitious itinerary and we will sail through the night at least once, but probably more. So you will stand a watch and get to see first hand how intense a tricky coastal passage can be. We have never taken Rocinante to the Maine/Canada border, so we’ll all be experiencing this for the first time. Should be an exciting expedition.

Travel Logistics
Fly in and out of Portland ME. Take the Bus from Portland to Rockland.

RocinanteSeptember 6–12: Down East & Bay of Fundy