As of February 2017, we have decided (with much difficulty) to not offer expeditions during the summer of 2017. We do plan to be running expeditions in the fall, and beyond…

 We are super-bummed, and hope you will  consider a course with us in the future. In the meantime we are working on some new curriculum material and making some upgrades to Rocinante.

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We also offer custom expeditions and schedules and private vacation charters. If our schedule here does not jive with yours, drop us a line – let’s discuss.

Our course area spans the majority of the Maine coast, from Boothbay to Jonesport. Anywhere we sail will be stunningly beautiful and challenging! Maine is truly a sail-training paradise.

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For Reference, Last Summer’s Schedule

July 10–16  Mo(A)-29
Maine Sail-Training Expedition
$2494 *full

July 24-30  Mo(A)-30
Maine Women’s Sail–Training Expedition

$2494 *full

August 7–13  Mo(A)-31
Maine Sail-Training Expedition

$2494 *full

August 14–20  Mo(A)-32 
Maine Sail-Training Expedition

$2494 *full

We are also offering customized vacation and training charters.
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Night passages and hands on learning are a regular part of our courses.

Night passages and hands on learning are a regular part of our  courses.


Rocinante moving along at 8-9 knots under just the stays’l in 30+knots


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