The Knot You Never Thought You Needed

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originally published in Cruising World April 2014 SOME KNOT TIPS FOR CRUISERS: ADD A WELL-PLACED SLIPPERY HITCH TO ENSURE THAT YOUR KNOTS COME UNDONE WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO. When my husband, Ben Eriksen, and I began sailing together we learned a lot about trust, each other and relinquishing control. But most importantly, we learned to tie knots. Ben approaches … Read More

RocinanteThe Knot You Never Thought You Needed

Sailing at Night: Can You See in the Dark?

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By understanding how your eyes work in low-light conditions, you can ensure that your vision doesn’t fail you when you most need it. The sun is just about to touch the horizon and you’ve spent the last hour setting up extra safety precautions for night sailing. You’ve connected a strobe light to your MOB ring. Every crew member on deck … Read More

RocinanteSailing at Night: Can You See in the Dark?