Studying for a USCG License Upgrade

RocinanteMorse Alpha

I’m busy studying for a 500 ton mate’s license as well as a 200 ton master upgrade. I’m knee deep in the cargo handling section right now. There’s alot of information too absorb, most of it about subjects I have no first hand experience with… like the use of the psychrometric chart to avoid damage to cargo. But it’s interesting, … Read More

RocinanteStudying for a USCG License Upgrade

More Checklists and a Video!

RocinanteMorse Alpha

Sailors love checklists! When we first talked about our Boat Check many of you asked for more details. Well – you asked, and we responded….finally! “Boat check” is something that the off-going watch does before they are relieved of their duties. It takes about 15-20 min to do a thorough job. Our watch schedule on our sail training expeditions is usually 6 … Read More

RocinanteMore Checklists and a Video!

Six Things We Added To Our Norseman 447 We Love

RocinanteNorseman 447

In the first part of this series, I discussed some of the features of our Norseman 447 that are inherent to the design and build of the boat that we have come to know and love. In this post I’m taking a look at a few of the items we have added to the boat to help make it our … Read More

RocinanteSix Things We Added To Our Norseman 447 We Love

Six Things We Love About Our Norseman 447

RocinanteNorseman 447

We are just about 2 years into ownership of Rocinante our Norseman 447. In that time we’ve sailed her just about 8,000 nm and we’ve gotten to know her a bit better. She’s a lot different than our previous boats, but still considered a classic… one of Bob Perry’s best designs. She sails and handles wonderfully in all conditions we’ve experienced so far. The … Read More

RocinanteSix Things We Love About Our Norseman 447

Sailing to Bermuda: Weather Planning

RocinanteMorse Alpha

We left Fishing Bay at around 1500. A few hours after we planned, but for good reason. There were some last minute projects to take care of… final installation of the Monitor control lines, pad eyes for better dinghy lashing angles as well as going over sea-cock locations and our new Viking 8 Person Liferaft deployment procedures with our crew. Plus … Read More

RocinanteSailing to Bermuda: Weather Planning

The Knot You Never Thought You Needed

RocinanteCruising World

originally published in Cruising World April 2014 SOME KNOT TIPS FOR CRUISERS: ADD A WELL-PLACED SLIPPERY HITCH TO ENSURE THAT YOUR KNOTS COME UNDONE WHEN YOU WANT THEM TO. When my husband, Ben Eriksen, and I began sailing together we learned a lot about trust, each other and relinquishing control. But most importantly, we learned to tie knots. Ben approaches … Read More

RocinanteThe Knot You Never Thought You Needed

What Scares You While Sailing?

RocinanteMorse Alpha

I had the opportunity to speak on the women sailors panel moderated by Pam Wall at the Chicago Boat Show. A question was asked of the panel, “As a woman, what is it that scares you while sailing?” I was thankful that I was the last to respond to the question. While everyone else shared their answers I wracked my … Read More

RocinanteWhat Scares You While Sailing?

Sailing at Night: Can You See in the Dark?

RocinanteCruising World

By understanding how your eyes work in low-light conditions, you can ensure that your vision doesn’t fail you when you most need it. The sun is just about to touch the horizon and you’ve spent the last hour setting up extra safety precautions for night sailing. You’ve connected a strobe light to your MOB ring. Every crew member on deck … Read More

RocinanteSailing at Night: Can You See in the Dark?